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Hillside Trams

Effortless hillside transport for waterfront homes.

Hillside Trams —also known as outdoor elevators, hillside lifts, trams and funiculars— are a premium solution for seamless transportation for you and your gear from the water’s edge to your home or cabin, with unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Enhance Your Safety

Instead of steep stairs, hillside lifts provide a safe and efficient way to transport yourself as well as all of your gear, safely to your waterside cabin or home. 

Increase Your Home Value

The convenience of a hillside tram enhances the value and adds appeal to a wide range of potential buyers for your property.


Add Convenience

A hillside tram allows you, your guests, luggage, groceries and gear to ascend to your home effortlessly, with the push of a button.

At Total Home Elevators, we partner with you on your elevator project and are dedicated to ensuring the utmost in safetydesign, functionality and satisfaction throughout the process—from your initial consultation through to installation. We also provide service and maintenance for all products that we install.


Our consultation services for hillside tram installations ensure personalized guidance and expertise tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


We professionally install hillside lifts on all types of waterfront properties throughout Vancouver, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island.

Service & Maintenance

As your hillside tram partner, we take care of all service and maintenance for you to ensure your lift continues to run safely and smoothly.

Built for Safety

Our hillside lifts are engineered to meet or exceed the strictest structural and elevator safety standards and building codes.

Quality Materials

Our hillside lifts are made from high-quality, long lasting components. Our supplier’s systems are the most reliable and well-built on the market.

Customized Design

Every hillside tram is custom-designed for your specific site conditions, application type, capacity needs and style preferences.

Made in the USA

Our hillside tram supplier is a family company that is based in the USA with a focus on quality, safety, reliablility, code compliance and value.
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Explore our FAQs for hillside trams to find answers to commonly asked questions, ensuring a smooth journey as traverse steep terrain.

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Can a hillside tram increase the value of my home?

Yes, installing a hillside tram can potentially increase the value of your waterfront property. Hillside trams enhance accessibility to various parts of the property, offering convenience and scenic views. This increased functionality and appeal can attract more buyers, potentially leading to a higher resale value for the property. Additionally, waterfront properties with unique amenities like hillside trams often stand out in the market, further contributing to their value.

How much does it cost to put in a hillside tram?

The cost of installing a hillside tram can vary significantly depending on factors such as the length of the track, the terrain’s steepness, the tram’s capacity, and any customization or additional features. Factors such as site preparation, engineering requirements, and permits can also influence the overall cost. While it’s challenging to provide an exact figure due to these variables, it’s essential to consult with qualified professionals like Total Home Elevators to assess your specific needs and obtain accurate cost estimates.

How fast does a hillside tram go?

The speed of a hillside tram can vary depending on factors such as the tram’s design, track length, and terrain. Generally, hillside trams can travel at about 60 feet per minute. However, it’s important to note that safety considerations and regulations often dictate the maximum speed of hillside trams to ensure smooth and secure operation, particularly on steep inclines.

How safe are hillside trams?

Hillside trams are very safe. Our funicular manufacturer designed their systems with safety as their top priority. With more than 25 standard safety features, over 10 optional safety features, and years of R&D and improvements, hundreds of their systems have been installed around the world.

What other names do hillside trams go by?

Hillside trams are also known as hillside elevators, outdoor elevators, hillside lifts, hill lifts, hillside trolleys, lake trams, hillside cable cars, and funiculars.

How long does a hillside tram take to install?

The time required to install a hillside tram varies based on factors such as the length and complexity of the track, site preparation, and any customization needed. Generally, installation takes about 2 to 3 weeks. Factors like terrain challenges, permitting processes, and weather conditions can also impact the timeline. It’s crucial to consult with experienced professionals like Total Home Elevators to assess your specific project requirements and obtain an accurate estimate of the installation timeline.

How much weight can a hillside tram carry?

Hillside trams are designed to carry varying weight capacities depending on factors such as the tram’s size, design, and engineering specifications. Typically, hillside trams can safely transport loads ranging from several hundred pounds to several thousand pounds. The exact weight capacity will vary depending on the specific model and configuration of the tram. It’s essential to consult with the manufacturer or installer to ensure that the tram’s weight capacity aligns with your intended usage and requirements.

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